Back to Car, a hybrid app based on Ionic

December 11, 2014
Back to Car, a hybrid app based on Ionic

Kicking this 'blog' or whatever it looks like, I would like to to give an intro about my first personal, major and completed(yes, completed!) project. So what it's about? You are traveling around with your car. You park and go for walk, sightseeing or whatever. Then it's time to get back to your car isn't it? Clean interface with three buttons. Park, find and save locations. Available for both App Store and Google Play Store. To the technical bit...

# Just a way to say my opinion on Ionic
var app = angular.module('controllers.conclude', ['ionic']);

app.controller('ConcludeCtrl', function($scope) {
    $scope.conclusion = "Ionic Framework is AWESOME!"

Ionic is a framework based on Apache Cordova and optimized for Angular JS. You write javascript, you get apps! The app itself is written in Javascript, uses the Googles Maps API along with some really cool plugins for Cordova such as geolocation etc. Finally, something that I'm really proud of is that it has more than 3.000 downloads after just 1 month with downloads from more than 100 countries while it reached the App store's Top 100 (Navigation) for more than 50 countries! Download it for free and let me know what you think! It's my first one so be polite :)

Check the website at


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