Electron, React, Redux, TypeScript
GitHub Notifications on your menu bar. A desktop app based on Electron that brings your GitHub notitifications on your menu bar. Currently supports only Mac OSX.

React, Styled Components, Rebass, TypeScript
UIColor is a website used to convert HEX & RGB colors to UIColor for both Objective-C and Swift featuring a colorpicker and copy to clipboard functionality making things easier.

DRF Docs

Django, Django Rest Framework, Python, Pypi
Django Rest Framework Docs (DRF Docs) allows you to document Web APIs made with Django Rest Framework. Available on PyPi. Supports Python 2 and 3, Django Rest Framework 3 and above.

NPM Click

React, NPM, Browserify, LESS
Compare your project's NPM dependencies. Copy and paste or upload your "package.json" to see which of your (dev)dependencies are up to date or not.


Ionic Framework, Angular, Apache Cordova, Gulp, Travis CI
Trevor is a mobile app that brings Travis CI to your phone and tablet. You can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play. It is a hybrid app based on Ionic Framework that utilizes the amazing Travis CI API.

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iOS, Swift, UIKit
A native iOS app written in Swift. Can't remember the address of your hotel? Too bothered to enter an address every time you want to return back to a particular place? Hassling trying to find your car? The app will make your life easier!

CSS Edit Groups for Atom Editor

iOS, Swift, UIKit
An Atom editor package to jump to CSS, LESS and SASS @group markers like CSSEdit.

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Ionic Framework, Angular, Google Maps API, Apache Cordova
My first mobile app! A hybrid application available for free on the App Store & Google Play Store with thousands downloads. Get back to your car by pressing a single button.
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